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Wooden cleats have quite a variety of sports uses. It is an aid for developing compressive strength, stretching, strengthening or training standing postures. It is also used for the much-loved hanbalancing. Stands help you work with your own body weight. Everyone really likes exercising with them. We offer several types and sizes so that everyone can find “the right thing”. The stands are also very easy to store, so you can easily travel with them.

Why just the staples from OnlySollo?

We use very high quality and durable materials. Our products have been tested and recommended by Czech gymnastic representatives. We offer products that we have tried ourselves and that we like to exercise with.

Are the permanents also suitable for beginners?

Definitely yes. Even those who can only do a few push-ups make friends with the regulars. It is a tool that has a wide range of uses for developing one’s body and mind and learning new things. Everyone really likes exercising with them.

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